Lunch Orders

The Abundance Catering Company has been feeding corporations and schools in the Baltimore area since 1997. We are located in Glen Burnie where we operate a 2,400 square foot commercial kitchen. We currently serve seven Baltimore area schools including Archbishop Curley High School and Our Lady of Perpetual Help School. I am the owner of Abundance and, prior to becoming a caterer, I was a Registered Dietitian for 15 years in the Washington, DC area.

At Abundance, we understand that parents and students don’t always have the same opinions about what constitutes a good meal. Parents want a range of healthy options that don’t break the bank, while students want foods that look and taste good but may not necessarily be nutritious. At Abundance, we’ve become experts at preparing foods that satisfy everyone. As you peruse our menus, you will see scratch-prepared entrées and fresh produce mixed with “kid-friendly” options. Whenever possible (and done so that kids don’t notice) we prepare a more wholesome version of these foods. For example, we use white whole wheat elbow noodles in our Macaroni & Cheese and whole grain sub rolls for our Cheesesteaks.

Everything on our menus is offered a la carte. This way, you have the option to order either a whole meal or just a few items to compliment food brought from home. In addition, we offer two sizes (and prices) of many of our entrées to accommodate the wide range of ages and appetites that define a K thru 8th Grade population. Finally, we do not prepare any of our foods with nuts or nut oils; however, we are not a certified nut-free facility. If your child has a nut allergy, but you are interested in ordering lunch from Abundance, our staff is available to discuss options with you either via phone or email.

We encourage you to create an account even if you’re not sure you will order any lunches. There is no charge to register and you can easily view our menu offerings. Click here to register. As our way of welcoming you to Abundance, each new customer will be issued a $5.00 credit to their account! Please note: the order cut-off is 10 days prior to the date for which you are ordering, so be sure to register and order by August 20th to order in time for the first full day of school.

We are honored and thrilled to be the new lunch provider at St. Louis School and look forward to a fun and nutritious school year!

Sara Juliano, Owner
The Abundance Catering Company