Each student is a unique individual and deserves an academic experience where
mind AND spirit rejoice!

Illuminations Team The Saint Louis School Illumination Program was established in 2007 to address the diverse learning needs of its students. Staffed by four teaching specialists, the program is designed to assist and accommodate students of all ability levels in order to optimize the students’ learning experience in the school’s rigorous curriculum.

Students are identified for participation in the program through various methods. Upon application for admission to the school, all students are given an assessment for placement purposes. If it is determined that the student is in need of additional support, either as evidenced by an outside, public or private, professional evaluation, or through our in-house testing, the Illumination team develops a plan for the appropriate level of service to insure learning success. Students in early childhood education (K -2) are administered the DIBELS (Diagnostic Indicator of Basic Literary Skills) at the beginning of each school year, as an additional method of identifying student need for services. In addition, the Illumination team meets regularly with teachers, parents and administrators, throughout the school year, to discuss student observations and recommendations for service.

There are no additional tuition charges or extra fees to the student for the services provided by the Illumination team. While some of the students served have received full educational and psychological assessments from either the public school system or private clinicians, thereby entitling them to an IEP (Individualized Education Program) in public school, such a requirement is not necessary to receive the services of the Illumination team. Because of this, we are able to provide differentiated educational support to those students who need it, but who would otherwise not qualify for that support in other settings.
Illuminations PyramidUtilizing flexible grouping, the Illumination program adapts to the needs of the students. Participants in the program engage in small group and whole group instruction. Some students, in grades 4-8, may be exempted from the foreign language requirements of the curriculum based upon the results of an up-to-date educational assessment that notes deficits in one or more academic areas. Such students will receive extra support in a small group setting, known as FLEX time.

Aside from small group instruction, The Illumination team also educates the entire student body with bi-monthly reading, writing, and study-skills classes, thereby incorporating children of all abilities in certain curricula and increasing acceptance and inclusion of those children with disabilities more easily in the overall classroom setting.

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